Wednesday, July 29, 2015


People keep telling all the time that they do multi-tasking. I have always found it very difficult. There could be two ways of multitasking - one is time sharing  - for example  do task 1 for 5 mins then do task 2 for 5 mins and switch as required. Second is doing two things at exactly at same time- same second actually. For example reading a book, while you are listening to music.

It is the second one which i find totally not doable. Everytime i try this, one of the task is not done properly. For example, i would end up reading same page multiple times when i multitask it with music. If i am writing an email and then listening to music i get distracted.

So in my opinion, multi-tasking is not easy. A lot of people just refer to the first approach as multi-tasking. A person who understands how brain operates, may be able to explain.

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