Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A bond(007) a day keeps you sound

Nowadays star movies is playing Bond movies everyday. What I like best about the movies is of course Bond himself and the stunts and Gadgets used. For a guy of course the list would include the beautiful ladies. This is the first time I saw Roger Moore as Bond. But my personal favorites among the Bonds is Pierce Brosnan and Sean Connery.There is no match for them in Daniel Craig. Among other characters, I like elegance of Judy Dench.

The best part of the movie is usually the opening , the stunts are excellent like the plane scene in "Tomorrow Never Dies" or the run in "Casino royale". In the casino Royale scene, the interesting part is that the Guy whom Bond is chasing finds his way without raking or breaking anything, but Bond just destroys anything that comes in his way :).

But if you think about it, Bond movies are nothing but a glorified Bollywood movie. Unlike some of the other Hollywood Movies (which is the reason why I prefer them) , there is no new ideas(like in Mission Impossible) or the thoughts(Memento-beautiful idea for a movie) or plans(like in ocean series). But that's the reason they are 007 movies isn't it?. So they are glorified bollywood movies why?- they have the typical masala - Hero(Bond), Heroin(multiple beautiful ladies with skimpy dresses), Daaku (of course he is the one whom bond is chasing) and charlie(filled in by MoneyPenny or the scientist who keeps getting the gadgets). Not to forget the ending is always good , Bond is always victorious, of course they have to keep the gate open for the next series.

But finally what matters to a viewer is entertainment which is sufficient in these movies and they will continue to be of their own class for that reason.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Watching Inception

This is an amazing movie and the directors / writers imagination is awe inspiring. The matters related to subconscious are usually hard to be explained. Inception does that perfectly well. The minute I heard the directors name , I could realize its his game. The other movie which is quite amazing and directed by Christopher Nolan is Memento. Getting the viewer to understand and get involved in such movies is a hard job and these movies are doing just that so well. They are in a class of their own. Its a worth watching movie in 2010.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Perfection in action

Lately I have been listing to a lot of ARR's creations. When ever I hear one of his best ones like - "Narumugaye" I feel Iam realizing Perfection at work. It is wonderful to hear his music sung by the best classical musicians the likes of Unnikrishnan, Hariharan . The other observation is the way the different musical instruments converge in the songs. Even in a simple song like "munbe vaa", there are atleast 4 instruments playing in the background. And in the song "Mannipaya, there is a little instrument, which keeps making sound(dont know which instrument). But its superb to see that the background music is always so good in all his songs

There are few people around us who are perfectionists in what they do.
Mani Ratnam is another person whom I think is a uncathed Integral perfectionist.
When we watch any of his movies, the viewers have an ideal blend of a story, quality acting, excellent music , near perfection lyrics and the best ever camera work to mention a few.
All this is possible only because he chooses the right people for the right job, and probably gives them sufficient independance in shaping their piece.

I was recently checking out the Bombay Jayashree's website and she seemed another person who falls in the same category. Here is one of the poems hosted on her website, it is an excellent one and I added it here. With her music, she touches the intangible feelings and hearts of thousands of listeners.

All this is possible only because these people have found the purpose of their lives - their Passion. They live the passion day in day out and can only become better day by day.

does not music
light a spark
fan a flame
set a soul on fire?

the fragranc of the flower
the song of the bird
the rising of the waves
the flaming of the fire
the swaying of the leavs
does the wind ever wonder
why it blows?

and the raindrop flows into the river
and the word into the note
and the river into the sea
and the note into the raga
and the sea into the ocean
and the music into the soul
can the raindrop remember
where it lost itself
and where it found itself?

to the silences within
'and the sounds
of silences

-Bombay Jayashree