Sunday, July 31, 2011

Amazing creation

I recently met somebody and have been quite amazed / baffled. I did not really appreciate the person sentimentally( for the short time I communicated) but for the short glimpse of few days I got to interact, I had to say I was quite Amazed and had to say "What a creation".

Nothing else other a human being be so advanced among God's creations. When you meet thinkers or beings who realize that there is something more than the usual money and fame one wants in life, it is indeed an astonishment. In one of the books I was reading where the author was talking about intuitive knowledge, he was explaining why things like studying, getting job, getting married and having kids , creating property have been the milestones for more than 70% of the human species. He was telling that we dont know what else to do with our time, and sometimes I feel what he said was right.
Take for example marriage, although there are reasons of progeneration and general norm of evolution to make this important, in the world we live in, this is close to a business. Matrimony sites showcasing available brides and grooms, talking and figuring out on blind dates and then when it actually gets finalized, all of these are business like. But then alas!!! man does not know what to do if he is not going to be married.
The rest of them have evolved similarly, today's eduction in India is an excellent example. There is hardly any use of what we study in the classrooms of life. But then we dont know what to do if we dont put our kids to school, we just follow the standard route like flocks of sheep.