Wednesday, October 3, 2012


It happened today. I met this person in lift, he was my ex-collegue who had now joined at the client location, where I was now a contractor. IF it was only him , it was ok. But the minute another ex-collegue and current client entered the lift, I realized, I had a faint memory of this happening and then I was waiting for something and thats when they asked me about one of my current collegues and again with the same mistake of not pronouncing his name properly.
I was very sure , this is DejaVu - Same faces, same mistake. I could not believe that this is just a mess up by my brian where it pushes something by mistake to long memory although it should have been in short memory. This is the most known scientific explanation for DeJaVu.
It sometimes apalls me that with all our scientific discoveries we have still not been able to know what causes such small incidents.
At the same time, I am amazed at how brain of human beings has evolved to the level it is. It distresses me that we don't realize this beautiful gift of nature to us and make the best use of it :-)