Tuesday, June 21, 2011


A poor man walks a mile to get a handful of rice, a rich man walks a mile to digest the same handful of rice.
I read this somewhere recently, can't recall though where. In and around us although nature just treats us like humans - just plain homo-sapiens, we have distinguished ourselves into different races, different genders. There is gender bias in office, racial bias in public places and worst further in countries like India there is caste -ism everywhere in one form or the other.
If we are stripped of all of these and if we have to look at ourselves and talk to ourselves about what is our worth, one will re-gain the right thought and right path. Tall claim of course, but read any scriptures this is what is told .
Often i wonder, why being simple is so difficult. This is the simplest thought but yet very difficult for us to realize.
As long as we don't realize differences are here to stay.