Saturday, November 26, 2011


I am at the edge
From here I will fly
Or I will fall

If I fly I will be a Bird
I will fly far away in the blue sky
If I fall I will be  buried in the earth
I will bloom with beautiful flowers as a tree
But either way I will be free
I will be happy and wont worry

I am at the end of cliff
If I fall I will  be part of the blue sea
If I fly I will be a sea gull
I will fly to watch the roaring Sea
But either way I will be free
I will be merry and wont worry

What will I be only time can tell
No matter what happens
I am determined to be free
and I will never worry

How time season's us

25yr : She is searching to buy a sandal for close to a month now. Passes by Bata show room and says "these guys are so boring, they will not have a single interesting model, all models will have skin color and black color, those are the only two colors these guys know. I only like woodlands" :-)

At 30 yrs: Goes to Reliance fresh/smart/safal... to buy stuff for her daily routine - groceries. Suddenly her attention goes to her sandals, she realized they are not anymore worth wearing for office and she needs to change.Right below the grocery store sees Bata, gets in picks the best of the worst , asks for her size. Gets one size higher or one size lower, wears one , walks for a few steps. Buys it . End of the deal 

25yr : Almost every week end goes out,although there is no specific occasion, if she ever finds a good dress or dress material, buys it. Says "In commercial street there is so much variety, I just cant buy my stuff from anywhere else. I bargain like anything and finally get my dresses -only tried and tested beautiful colors.

30yr: She is speaking to her sister and the topic of clothes comes in. "accha ,  by the way, now that you say, I am short of clothes to wear to office. Do you still work close by to that shop in Avenue road. Do me a favour, next time you pass by it, buy some Kurta's/ shorts for me which will go with a white or a black salwar /chudi. End of story

Things at house
25yr: Option 1 : not yet married
    Option 2: Married and still not finished even a year. Tells her husband "You know i want to arrange my house like the way it is given in this youtube video, actually interior designing is a very interesting career, i don't know why I did not get into that", Anyways, get up and help me out here in arranging stuff around, it looks like a dustbin.
30yr : Typically by this time, they would have a kid.
    Its Saturday and she does not have to work, drops off the kid to the school or the kindergarten. comes back home and just looks around and kind of realizes it is not very well arranged. Tells her husband who now has a pounch and is slouching and reading a news paper. " Its Saturday, do some cleanup on your stuff", moves on to either TV or to Kitchen. End of story.

More often when we get out of college, each one of us thinks , "I am different, this society is like my past, I will change it. My lifestyle will be different, I will achieve something extraordinary , something great". As we get old, we mature in different ways, Nature seasons us. We realize what we are, we will be good to things which really matter and learn to let go for things which don't matter so much. We will have some achievements but at least realize that its not just us, there are a lot of more of our kind who are unique in their own ways. DVG says "Every single person on this earth is different, when you look at a person, you recognize him because he is unique. When we goto a shop we buy different things, which suits our own Family and our society, then how can our goals in life be the same. Each and every person has to realize the goal of his life by himself."    As time goes by goals change, all that is important is one to feel fulfilled in his/her life.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Couple of movie reviews

I recently watched Inglourious Basterds .... I know the expression, I know its quite late. But then this is one of the kind of movies, I enjoy watching.
The movie has different languages and actually quite a bit of it is in other languages. I think that makes the movie more expressive. Whether it is the starting scene where Waltz explains the difference in thinking of a German Soldier and the Jews or the shoot out scene in the hotel , the foreign language is what makes the movie more interesting and worth watching.
I think the lesser I write the better it is , because whether it is Tarantino's script or Waltz's acting, you will find quite a bit of talk on the internet. It seems Tarantino planned the script for close to 10 years.
But this is one movie worth watching multiple times.

I also watched a remake of one of the best English movies - AFGM.This was in Hindi.  Its called Shaurya. Now anybody who has watched AFGM will realize this is a remake of it, within the first half hour. But then I still felt like continuing to watch it.
The story is adapted quite well for Indian Environment. Demi moore's role is modified to be a Journalist and the incident happens at the India Pak Border and the issue and the story chosen is very well suited for the Indian environment.
I do not like the idea of remakes, I usually dont watch any, but this one was a exception. I cannot attribute it to the movie wholly, I was alone at home and that added to my interest.
That all for now!!!