Sunday, March 6, 2011


I took off a long vacation of complete 15 days from office. This was after a long time, so much so that i made a list of things i need to do during vacation.
Well I could cover atleast 80% of it. But most importantly it just provided me this time to just come out of office and just be somebody who I would be if I am stripped of my job.

I enjoyed it in my own way, not that I spent all the time laughing and going around the world. But I did do some thinking, some reading, some shopping and watched quite a few movies - in a sense I did a few of everything. I watched interesting movies - Hachiko, The Gods must be crazy, Memento(third time and still can watch again), The social network, Falling in love , The Lovely bones and a few more.

It amazes me how time passes by and how people are always , in their own ways, trying to make meaning out of their lives. Almost everybody understands that time is precious, but nobody is really sure if they are really using it to the fullest.

I accidentally came across Nikola Tesla's feature and about how although he was so intriguingly knowledgeable, but still did not have so much of luck with the world. Well Well well, for one thing , I realized, its not important whether the world thinks if you are good, that's a question you ought to answer yourself. You might not be famous or somebody who gets a huge salary or somebody with a lot of political influence, but it does matter how your family treats you and how you respond back . This is what probably makes one feel good , and spice it up with achievements in your work life, one would feel a life worth lived. Do check out this link about Tesla.