Friday, October 28, 2011

Eyes wide open but still sleeping

Have you ever had to sit in a meeting , which is total crap(sorry for the language but could not think of better word).
I am sitting in one of them right now, as I am blogging this article.
There is a wise saying in our language that "Empty vessels make more noise". It is the best observation ever. In the typical office world, we end up talking so much and doing so little.
If ever Gandhi Ji had to run a small office which owned getting Independance for India, I now see we would have just been reading articles in a paper till today and never attained Independance.
Sometimes office nuances take a toll. The worst part is that since you are spending so much time in office, it can start impacting your own personality. A lot of the times, i have seen that the people who start becoming very aggressive at office are aggressive at home as well.
Well for now let me go back and see what we are brewing :-)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

It happens only in India

Bike in a coracle, with 20 people, we were at the edge of our wits and were worried we will be drowned. But no this is regular in India.

This is not different , of course we are all mammals , further down on the same river side there was some sewage spilling over into the river and people taking "holy dip".

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Eat, Pray and love

For some reason, we Indians will never understand what causes divorce in the west.In this movie, i missed the first few minutes, but from what I saw I could not understand what caused a divorce for Liz. The rest of the movie was a good watch, sometimes intriguing but not really intellectual.
I never knew that Bali is a place where she will find love, I was expecting her to goto Paris. Anyways, it is a nice afternoon watch on a lazy Sunday. Julia Roberts as usual is pretty although she looks a little old especially in Saree.
For one thing, the picture these hollywood movies paint about India is so misleading. For people who had never spoken to an Indian or never saw India would think this is a stinking place, with only poverty and if I were they I would think how could it be the home of spirituality? Such a misleading picture of India for audience.
Oh well!!! I almost forgot what drove me to blog about the movie - the new word - Muffin top. I learnt it from movie, liked the analogy and how it is used in movie.
All said and done, I liked the Italy part of the movie. Happy watching.

Cost of Mama's handmade breakfast

Sometimes I am just too lazy to get up and go to office. Can't blame me, have been doing this for close to 10 years now. All these years I travel minimum of 30kms to get started with work. cant blame again , tried multiple ways of getting home close to office, the only ways are getting office close to home or stop working. For now, I continue to bank for opportunities on option one.

Anyways , one such lazy morning, I missed my cab to office. I rather took my time that day, I had a sumptuous hot breakfast of plain parantha with a variety of sides - banana crush(:-)), curry leave chutney powder, curd . Finally, had a full glass of hot without chicory coffee, and got geared for my journey towards office. I usually have to take 3 buses - 6 , 15, 15 km break up each - when I miss the cab.

This day I took an auto for the first hop - nowadays almost everybody thinks money gets dropped from trees for guys with laptop on their back. Crazy. The auto guy said Rs 60 , no meter. It would have cost me Rs 50 with , so I said fine got in.

At the next hop I waited for 30 mins to see if I had a luck with new direct bus which would avoid another hop. But god had different plans, I took the usual red bus. Another 35Rs , but this is normal, I never repent paying this money, it feels worth.

So finally the last and worst hop - tin factory it is called. You say the name to any Bangalorean, he knows its bad. Its so famous. I waited for another 30 min, for some reason Sun was very happy this day, all bright and scorching. No luck, not a single bus, usually I get one in like 10 min. Finally I said to myself, what the heck , lets take an auto. The auto guys brain in action again, said, no meter , 120Rs. It was too late by now and I was tired and just wanted to get out of the place, so I said fine. I spent 215 Rs to reach office.

Lets see what were my other options
1) nothing by cab , but no home made breakfast, got to really hurry
2) Start little earlier, hurry up , and catch buses - 3 buses
Well I don't repent a single bit it was just the price of a peaceful tasty breakfast watching some scene from one of the good English movies. For those of you who have watched Friends enough , Whats not to like in (Joey style) - breakfast good, peace gooooooood, movie gooooooooooooooood