Friday, April 17, 2009

A thing of Solace

Recently I had a bad stomach upset. I was suffering on Friday and the whole weekend. Monday morning, when i was as usual- working, suddenly saw a huge number of emails in my inbox.

So one guy had sent a mail to a DL saying "have been having stomach upsets recently anybody else has similar problem" and booooooooooommmmmmmmmmmm.........................

Almost everybody started replying that they are also facing the same problem. Finally the food and water in the office canteen became the prime suspects. During lunch that day, I started discussing this with my lunchmates and found they all had the same problem. I found solace in the reality that there were a lot more people suffering just like me :)...... this usually happens, when you are in a problem , if you find that a lot of the others have the same problem, you kind of accept it. When it comes to intellectual problems, you will start thinking - "ah! am not bad" "there are a lot more like me around".
Is it human nature or animal nature rather :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Strange and crazy thoughts.....
Recently I saw a mail where it showed how tiny our dearest mother -The Earth - is compared to the other planets and suns in the universe. It showed that our sun is a small dot in front of the other suns spotted by uncle Huble's telescope.
After this I was thinking about The God , to whom we all submit our cribs and complaints, boy I definitely think his job is not really interesting....
Imagine how would world be if there was one more intelligent being like homosapien on earth. Well most probably by theory of Darwin , by this time or in the process of evolution, one of them would be subdued and finally wiped out.
Imagine what if God infact has one intelligent being on all of the different earth's across the universe. His job seems to be worst than all of the others :).
Another thought as per Darwin's theory what ever is not useful for the animal , becomes unimportant and gradually goes out of picture, for ex the tail for human beings.
After another 10000 years what would be the one vestigial organ ..........
just crazy thoughts ..............

Friday, April 3, 2009

Its 10:30 on a hot saturday morning.

I am in office . Wondering is the imbalance in life due to me or due to the people around me. Feeling that the character of Howard Roark in The FountainHead is a bit too much for the real life.

At times, life just feels stagnant. Its as if you are standing in a subway and the train is going past you. Absolutely no change in you for years, while your friends keep updating you about the changes that have happened or the changes that have affected their life lately.

the whole point is , I am not even sure if its good to not change and be stagnant. End of the day I realize nothing really matters other than what you feel about the day you spent .

what hurts more than anything is the memory of a good time and the urge to go back to that time and bring back the same place and same people around you. Sometimes, I feel desperate to go back to the times, when I enjoyed the most, playing games without thinking about anything else. Just eat when you are hungry, talk a lot and play games, fight with friends..... ah those were 3 best months of my life so far .

Am sure there is better in store , everytime you move out a period in life and look back, you feel probably it was not so bad , although when you are in it, you feel awful.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

My first Blog

Its 9:19 I missed my cab and dint want to work anymore ....
So here I go, this is my first blog, its quite interesting to attach words and letters to thoughts.
I have always felt diary is the best one, lets see how blogging goes.
Its a long time and going by 9 has become a routine.