Sunday, June 6, 2010

Importance of Language

Recently I was visiting Kerala - God's own country truely .... . We were in a rush to visit scenic places.Since spices are Kerala's speciality, I wanted to get , some of it too. I got into a small shop and started my shopping with Tea powder. The shop vendor did not understand anything in english not even numbers . Yep. Neither hindi, the only other language which he could understand bearly other than malayalam was Tamil which I could not converse with. I can sparsely understand tamil if somebody speaks, but can't form sentences .
When I asked him for species , he said he doesn't have . his shop was stuffed so badly and I was in so much hurry I could hardly see anything around.Guess who came in for my help... the god sent messenger in god's own country :) .

A small cute guy, about 6 years age came in to buy something. He became our translator . I gradually bought tea powder, cinnamon,cumin seeds and finally black pepper . All with the help of the small guy's transalation work. Finally the small guy totalled the amount.
I shopped so much and with all the problems of language, the shop keeper could not follow my bargaining prices . But finally , I got him to give me an extra big piece of chikki .
Giving some of it to small guy(in all the hurry,I forgot to ask the guy his name), over the ride to the next scenic spot, I for the first time realized the importance of language practically.