Sunday, February 5, 2012

Change is Eternal

This is a mantra - Change is the only constant. Without it  we would not grow. But still our inertia to change puts us in a very bad mental state from the time we know its going to come till it ceases to be a change anymore.
I have recently been suggested to work on a new project, the project entails me to leave my team, leave my collegues, goto a new company and be a consultant. I am already getting allergic to the thought. From the time , I wake up till I goto a deep slumber, this is one thought that bothers me terribly.
But then it is required, it will happen . I hate tomorrow since this question will starkly stare at me tomorrow. But nevertheless "Thou will have to change your routine" is the rule.
Everytime I face this situation, I think that "I dont think enough before making decisions", I jump to conclusions. But no matter how much I do -"Think", i end up in this not so happy situations. But typically, one put into it, I have so far managed to wade my way and still feel the experience worth the risk.
Lets see where this takes me to.