Sunday, November 18, 2012

Why men Fight?

The recent Israel air strikes on Gaza reminds of this conversation in the movie "Munich " - "We(Palestinians) did not kill your people, the land is as holy for us as for you, but still you strike back at us".
Thats what I recall, i cant understand why israelis hate Palestinians more than Germans. Logically Germans who supported Hitler rather caused more harm to Zionists than anybody else.
My eyes tear every time, I watch a war  time movie like - Schiendlers List or the Pianist. This is my one big question, I am holding when I meet a israeli .
For all i Know somebody in israel might be thinking -"Why does India hate Pakistan". Which I can answer because I am an Indian :-).
Nevertheless, I never stop pondering about why war has become inevitable for peace.

Note: Do watch Munich to see Daniel Craig, he proves that he is not worth to be 007 :-)