Sunday, January 29, 2012


Where are you?
I have come alone to talk to you

oh! thy sun why dont you come out
Its the early summer and I need your warmth
I have gone through a lot

Where are you?
I have come all the way to talk to you
Alone and awake and thinking aloud
While the green parrots speak
and the birds chirp
In the silence of the trees

I want to talk to you
Where are you?

I have been waiting all night
To meet you and greet you in the young morn
To welcome the new day, to bring new thoughts
oh sun why are you so shy
come fast and give me warmth and
the strength to face every thing under your eyes

oh Sun!! where are you?
I have come to talk to you! all alone!!

Full circle

We usually say life comes full circle. We have a lot of evidences in our personal lives and social lives.
Recently while watching the poster for a movie , another 3D , this is the same thought which crossed my mind.
The history of today's films starts way back and the forefathers for today's movies were the dramas.
So initially the Drama company had the actors come on stage and act. Live. If they did some mistakes, they had to correct them intelligently . In fact if you listen to some of the veterans of this field, they give us details of how an actor had to be all rounder  - singer, good speaker , command over language , suitably looking for the role and most importantly actor. And how although not well educated, these dramatists evolved to be the best.
The next phase was to record these and play them and we got the movies . The history of the movies can be a subject for a whole book and still the author might be left with a feeling of incompleteness. Its a vast subject.
Today we are crazy about three dimensional viewing. Every new movie can now be viewed three dimensionally.
Does n't it seem as though we are going back to the drama season? we are going back to age of dramas -  actors as they are, how they would really look if they stood in front of us. Not the fullest sense, but still is. Its an evolution at different level. While the yonder year dramas had the actors present , the background scenes were two dimensional . Today 3D is best used for the surroundings the actors are still acceptable as two dimensional views.
So then what next, my guess is that the view will be different every time, with something new and interesting. Imagine watching a different ending every time for the same movie, or different pairs of actors, or different backgrounds , what will it be  - time will answer.