Sunday, February 28, 2010

Looks like we are advancing

We are really advancing, I felt.
I recently lost my mobile, well somebody flicked it when I was on my way to office.
The whole system was so good, I could immediately block my sim card .
The next day I had a duplicate sim card with the same number , the process was so easy and hazzlefree. I walked into a airtel shop, showed him identity proof and filled a simple form, paid 50 Rs and lo I had the duplicate sim card.
It was whole new experience, although I had lost my mobile , but this experience made my life easier. I only hope this kind of smart systems and hazzlefree systems get into the system of administration.

For a while when you look around, we are not smart people but rather very thick skinned dumbos when it comes to administrative system., If I could ever get my passport or a new gas connection so quickly the way i got my duplicate sim card, that day, I will start believing that we have advanced,.

Things apart, am now reading The Prize ( Irving Wallace) and The mother ( Pearl S Buck). Both are beautifully written. The plot is interesting in The Prize, but the language , expression is so beautiful in The Mother. No wonder Pearl S Buck won a nobel prize. Interestingly The Prize is all about the nobelprize winners