Thursday, September 30, 2010

God is within yourself

I am not an Atheist, but I am also not fond of or believe in day to day rituals. I am believer that you need to do your best and as long as you are sure you are right, nothing can go wrong.

But off late the books I am reading all point towards the subject I have for this blog. I recently finished Dan Brown's - "Lost Symbol".
The book is as usual woven around the cryptic symbols and how Robert Langdon solves them - again its within a time span of two days I suppose. But its a big drag towards the later half. What interested me was the idea - "God is within yourself" and this is the famed secret of Free Masons.

Post this I finished reading a very good book from William Dalrymple - "Nine Lives". Its excellent in terms of the way small stories in far corners of India are told. It is more interesting to see how our lives are closely knitted with the religious beliefs and the daily rituals associated with those beliefs. Again some of the stories in this also point out the same - "God is within Yourself".

Then I went on to read some articles about Rama Krishna Matt and again encountered the same concept.

Now I am starting to read more on the same topic, Its interesting the way so far this concept has been emphasized in my reads. Lets see where this takes me :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dog's Life

I got up from sleep pretty early at around 5:00 AM today. As usual the wandering mind keeps thinking. I was thinking about 3D movies in Bollywood. For some reason, we still don't have too much luck with 3D in Bollywood. May be somebody is working hard on the next one to come while I am writing this blog.

3D looks good either when the animation is either larger or very smaller than the normal human size. This was the case with Avatar, the aliens (I keep forgetting the name of the species) were larger than the humans. For a while I was thinking how good a street dog's life in a Bollywood movie be.

For one, this is unique to Bollywood since people here can relate to a street dog. Going from childhood of the dog, when it gets fed by some neighbors to the day it starts putting it borders on the road to the time it starts having puppies the whole story can be told so well and made so interesting. We could have examples of how dog has premonition of anything bad and cries out load, its a belief in India that when the dog cries, there is something bad coming up. Or when it attacks any other dog entering its territory or barks at anybody coming home late beyond 11:00PM, I usually have a lot of dogs barking at my cab whenever I end up late in the night and they all stop when they see the person getting down :). Or the idea of a dog making a girl friend or a boy friend and having puppies and protecting them. After some thought I decided this is a very good idea for movie and their ended my thoughts when my alarm rung for 6:05 AM telling me - "enough of thoughts get started for the work".

Also I recollect a lot of times - "Marley and Me", I just loved the simple story and loved the ending sentences - "How many people can make you feel that you are extraordinary? " that's an interesting question and an important one too.