Monday, May 25, 2009

Change - how it feels....

Sometimes you are so much engrossed in the daily stuff .... going to work, eating, cooking, sleeping, playing with kids, some back and forth with your ones......
You just dont realize how important each of these are until , something changes.
For sometime, atleast, I tend to contemplate and understand and evaluate, what has changed - was it good or bad,..... what should I do next......

But even then , although you want to be most conscious and be the best judge of your decision, you sometimes get it wrong or atleast for sometime you think it is wrong.

But still this change is necessary, for you to realize what you are capable of , how much you can withstand and how best can you come out of it , if it is change which is not good for you.

At those moments, the one thing I have missed is a friend and well-wisher, you knows me and who is interested in evaluating the choices that I make.

Let me tell you its not quite easy to make a choice, unless you have good reason for it.
Change is required and choices have to be made, otherwise, what would life be, just a train with a single compartment, stagnant in a station. No matter, how beautiful, the station is, after sometime, the thought of it starts haunting you.

Sometimes, you get to realize your capabilities when a change happens..... so the policy is when you are not very sure about what is happening to you is good or bad or better or worse, just take what comes your way, use your judgement and you will be on the top of it.