Thursday, June 14, 2012

Anologies for Marriage and love

I was downloading the next episode of Big Bang Theory which has now become my sole source of twenty minutes of healthy humour, an anology came to my mind.
I am a technologist by profession, so with no surprises, my analogies usually will have an actor from there. The analogy that I am blogging about  is Arranged Marriage and "HTTPS" - the secured version of http Protocol. If you do a google search you will understand that for https to work, SSL should be established and kept alive. No data present in the https session will be allowed in http, ofcourse it is secure.

Arranged marriage is similar, the first premise is both the families need to agree and continue it till marriage. In some cases this will include a three to four step protocol of caste match, Sub-Caste match, age match and Horoscope match. Only when this is established do the groom and the bride get to the next level of communication. If by any mis-communication, the initial protocol breaks ( has happened in some of my acquaintances), then communication between bride and groom breaks .

Love marriage on the other hand is like TCP,  both parties agree and communicate . Families dont matter much, its a three way handshake - Guy, girl and at least one family to support

On the other hand one sided love(Usually guy likes the girl but girl does not have the same feeling) is like UDP, there is no acknowledgement, there is no guarantee that the packet is not dropped during transfer.

Monday, June 4, 2012

What should not be sold?

There is a very interesting program relayed on DD chandana on every sunday at 9:30 AM.

The intent of the program ofcourse is to help us understand , what the ancient vedas state and how over a period of time as tradition, we have totally changed the application of these concepts and how these have become meaningless now.

The presenter is a Veda expert by name Sudakara Sharma.

One of the interesting things he mentioned recently in one of the episodes was - What are the things which Vedas say should not be sold.

There are three things which Vedas say one should not sell. Firstly "Anna"   - Anna translates to food. Secondly "Oushada" - Medicine and thirdly " Vidya" - Education.
Because these are so essential for the society, selling them will bring in imbalance in society was the thought process. So how would somebody get one of these if they dont have it. All of these are to be shared, shared from one who has abundance of it with the one who does not , and not to be sold.

Today, all three of these have become bigger industrial areas - Food is no more food alone, its a complete industry in itself. Education in India is a business, every school has its own rules about how much donation the child's parents should pay. Thirdly, Medicine, this is now a booming industry with a lot of the people moving to higher per ca pita income, medicine and medical facilities are as important today as food.

Although we have gone so far that it would almost be impossible to get us to a situation of not have these three sold, it goes on to show the high thinking expressed in Vedas. By probably studying it , we will be more wiser humans than studying the current curriculum which is more fact based.

If you can make out time and get the TV's appointment for this time on Sunday and if you can understand Kannada, do not miss watching this 30 minutes program. Another interesting program relayed after this is again based on Vedas and Upanishads in the form of smaller stories from Indian history. This starts at 10.00 AM on Doordarshan National .