Saturday, September 19, 2009

After a very hectic schedule, I took a day off, travelled country side. Its rainy season and the sight of green paddy fields, lakes are feast for eyes. Probably the reason why green is considered auspicious has some roots, all thats prospering is green. It soothes the eyes .
A walk in the Indian Institute of Science is a experience which will rejuvanate the senses .

Another thought though totally unrelated to all the feel good stuff above is about how openly people cheat . Sometime back there was a 40 crore crown presented to Lord Srinivasa of Thirupathi. Thats like telling in open that I have so much of money earned that I want to feel a little better by presenting god a crown. Anybody with Viveka would understand how stupid the act, - giving gift to god :)

People need to come out of judging others by their education, by their money. Although it is said that the first impresion is the best impression, I feel, first see is hardly an impression. To know a person and get comfortable, I would guess there is a need of may be years, may be months if fortunate. Even after knowing people for a long time, sometimes you feel so surprised by their acts. I have realized that to spend the time of life with the people who think the way I think is the best gift one can ask for in life.